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Keen Cyclist?...

Click here to get involved with our strava cycling club!

There’s no denying the fact that there’s something of an overlap between coffee shop and cycling cultures; even a few of our baristas have been bitten by the bicycling bug. With this forefront in our minds we’ve setup a Strava club to help coordinate group runs and to keep a track of our member’s progress.


Tease Coffee Bar welcomes our cycling guys & gals to join our club! 
There's a varying range of age, fitness and ability within the crew - you could say we cater for all - so don't be put off.  
All disciplines - Mainly road, but also some CX and MTB dependant on weather and conditions. 
The main emphasis is on good cycling, good coffee and good craic!

Our Kit...

We offer our very own personalised jersey to wear when out with the club or even on your own! This has proven to be a hit!

We also offer a lot more gear that can be purchased online.

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