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Our Loose Leaf Tea...

The tea revival is here at Tease!

Choose from our specially selected range of teas with the finest herbal infusions and fruit blends… Each unique in flavour.

Check out the selection below, then come on in. Our teas are also available to brew at home!


Breakfast Tea

A fairtrade traditional breakfast tea, made from a blend of African and Indian single estate leaves. Winner of the 2008 Gold Great Taste Award


Earl Grey & Blueflower

Fairtrade premium black leaf tea with natural bergamot oil and vibrant blue cornflowers.


Green Tea & Ginseng

Japanese green send ha tea with ginseng, ginger and online apple root.



A fairtrade pure infusion, made from the whole dried flowers of the Chamomile plant. So good it won a 2008 3 star Gold Great Taste Award.



Quite possibly the best peppermint tea in the world: Whole fairtrade peppermint leaves create an incredibly fresh, purifying cup.


Lemongrass & Ginger Twist

A really interesting infusion, the warmth of the ginger and peppercorns balanced with the freshness of lemongrass and a lingering aftertaste of liquorice root.


Spiced Citrus

Black tea with apples, oranges, coriander, cloves and cardamom.


Mango Tango

A premier Ceylon black tea, flavoured with mango pieces and finished with sunflower blossom.



Naturally caffeine free South African red bush tea, packed with antioxidants. A fresh and woody flavour.


Darjeeling Bannockburn

Often referred to as the champagne of teas, this fairtrade leaf is from the Bannockburn estate in the Darjeeling valley of India.


Mao Feng White Tea

Selected for its purity and health enhancing qualities, a crisp, clean and fairtrade cup.


Green Rooibos Citrus

A great cup packed with antioxidants, winner of a 2007 Gold Great Taste Award


Red Berry

Winner of a Gold Great Taste Award,  thus infusion is bursting with fresh berry flavours!


Apple Loves Mint

The warmth of apple coupled with the freshness of mint, finished with stunning whole baby rose buds.


Russian Caravan

A toasted blend of Oolong, Keen and Lapsang teas give a smokey, malty taste.


Green Tea Luponde

A single roll, single fire, fairtrade green tea from the mountains of Tanzania – the oldest organic tea estate in the world.



A black sweet based tea, named “Oriental beauty” by Queen Elizabeth I I


Flowering Green Tea

Stitched by hand, the green tea and lotus flower make for an impressive sight once flowered in our glass teapots – very delicate flavours & fairtrade


Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls

Exquisite hand rolled white tea, with a scent of pure jasmine. Affectionately known in store as “DragonBall T”!



Luxury black tea with ginger, cardamom,  cinnamon, coriander, cloves and black pepper. Used for millenia as a healing medicine, Chai is Indian for tea.


Goji Berry

Packed with antioxidants, Goji berries are the super berries of the world. Also used as a Feng Shui tea to provide balance and harmony.


Peaceful Moments

A blend of fruit and herbs to help forget the stress of daily life, the Hibiscus blossom in this blend has been proven to help maintain healthy cholesterol and lower blood pressure


Stinging Mint

A blend of nettle leaves, peppermint, lemongrass & orange peel.


Hip Hop Honey

Apple, currants & Hibiscus. Rich in vitamins A and C, the aroma is something to behold!


Chamomile & Aniseed

A soothing tea with a twist of aniseed


Mint Choc Rooibos

Minty, chocolatey goodness but without the calories!


Strawberry Breeze

A blend of strawberry and mint give a refreshing, fruity cup.

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